12 comments on “A New Year for Adventure

  1. Welcome to the blogging world, Morgan! We’re glad to have you. I can imagine that being a wolfy dog in the midst of a trio of greyhounds is, well, very interesting! I don’t believe that mom actually laughed when hu-dad fell. My image of her as a kind person is evaporating 🙂

  2. WOW Morgan yoo guys sure do gets to some beeyootiful places, wee has nuffin likes dat near us. Bunny does look rather stunning in her walkin attire mee must say


  3. wow, it’s about time Morgan’s got her own cybervoice! BTW: Loki got his own tummy warmer. we got black so it looks bad-ass. you may want to get one too… (hint-hint). we’re getting a rain coat too cuz his fur soaks up water. he likes his tummy warmer, surprisingly!

    superglad Morgan has her own bloggie… she’s so pretty. just like her sisters. but in her own GSD way!

  4. Hi Morgan You and I have a lot in common I am an eight year old GSD with a blog. It is hard work blogging. I also live with a whole bunch of other dogs. Mom loves this blog, so keep it up. Emmy (Dogs in Brazil).
    PS It looks sooooo… cold there!

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